Employee Reference Template

June 17, 2011

An employee reference letter shows who you are and the connection you as the applicant had with the one writing the reference letter. It also shows why you as the employee are qualified by displaying the skills you have. They are mostly written from one employer to the other as a recommendation letter. Below is a sample of a good employee reference template.

Sample Employee Reference Template

Date: _________________________________

Employer contact information

Name: ________________

Title:  ________________________

Company: ________________________

Address: ________________________

To whom it may concern,

RE: ________________________

______________________ has worked as a volunteer at NYC Children’s Home.

She has been an active volunteering member and greatly motivated the children at NYC Children’s. During her volunteering period, she was awarded Volunteer Teacher of the Year Award by the Home.

While with us, the above named person was active and hardworking. She has the potential of becoming a successful teacher. I have absolutely no doubt that she can perform in any capacity given an opportunity.

We at NYC Children’s Home take this opportunity to wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


Writer’s signature: _________________________________

Name: _________________________________

Title: _________________________________

Download Employee Reference Template in Word Format

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