Employment cover letter template

June 17, 2011

When employing for employment, one should always send a cover letter to the targeted employee. An effective employment cover letter should be short, specific and relate ones skills, qualifications and experience to the employment opportunity under consideration. Below is a sample template that will guide you in writing a good employment cover letter that will leave a good impression on the prospective employer.

Sample employment cover letter template

Date: ________________________

Your information

Name: ________________________

Address: ________________________

City, state, zip code: ________________________

Phone number: ________________________

Email address: ________________________

Employer information

Name: ________ ________________

Title:  ________________________

Company: ________________________

Address: ________________________

City, state, zip code: ________________________

Dear: ________________________,

I am an ambitious, self driven individual seeking employment as an Office Manager in your organization.

I am a hardworking, flexible team player with strong interpersonal skills and can be able to work in a demanding environment. Based on my previous work experience, I believe I have what it takes to meet the needs of your organization.

I look forward to discussing the above position with you.

Thank you


Your signature: ________________________

Your name: ________________________

Download Employment Cover Letter Template in Word Format

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