Event Planning Template

June 18, 2011

An event planning is the process required to plan a ceremony, seminar, competition, party, a stage play, a film screening or a festival. It is a time consuming and strenuous procedure which includes jobs like budgeting, deciding the target audience and the guests to be invited and most importantly the reason for the event. An event-planning template helps in smooth execution of these jobs and keeps the event organizer prepared beforehand.

Sample Event-Planning Template:

____________________ [name of the event]

________________ [date on which the event is finally going to take place]

________________ [venue of the event, like the name of the auditorium]

_____________________________ [address of the venue]

We would like to organize the event on ______________ [topic of the event or purpose] and would like to invite _______________ [target audience] to understand the _____________ [how the event will help the target audience].

Activities in the event:_______________


[Various activities]




[Name of volunteers in the organization team]

Budget: ___________ [cost of organizing the event]


Download Event Planning Template in Word Fomat

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