Employment Agreement Template

June 17, 2011

An employment agreement is a written document or contract that binds both the employer and employee. This contract shows the employees duties and responsibilities, nature of agreement, payment package as well as the duration of employment. The sample template below is a guide on how to write an efficient employment agreement.

Sample Employee Agreement Template

This employment agreement has been made on the _________________________________of _________________________________by _________________________________and _________________________________.

A). The two parties agree that ___________________________________________________

B) The employer is willing to ___________________________________________ and the employee is willing to _________________________________.

With accordance to the company’s terms and conditions, the parties hereto have agreed as follows:

1. AGREEMENT TO EMPLOY _________________________________


2. EMPLOYEE DUTIES _______________________________________

3. EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE______________________________________

4. EMPLOYMENT DURATION AND TERMINATION_____________________________

5. PAYMENT AND BENEFITS_______________________________________________

6. CONFIDENTIALITY _________________________________________________________

7. TERMS OF THE CONTRACT _______________________________________________________

8. BINDING EFFECTS OF THE AGREEMENT________________________________________

Executed on the

Date: _________________________________

Employer: _________________________________

Employee: _________________________________

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