Biscuit Label Template

June 21, 2011

A biscuit label template is the format in which the wrapper or cover of a packet or a box of biscuit should be designed.  The template includes information like the weight and name of the company manufacturing the biscuit, flavor of the biscuit and also the ingredients included in the biscuit.

Sample Biscuit Label Template

________________________ [name of the biscuit manufacturing company]

___________________ [symbol of the company]

______________ [design] _______________ [name of the biscuit brand]

______________________ [flavor of the biscuit]


___________________                                                           _______________

[Name of the ingredient present]           [Corresponding percentage of ingredient present]

Manufactured and distributed by:

____________________ [name of the factory or the company]

Office address: ___________________ [street address] ___________ [city name]

_____________ [state]   ______________ [postal code]

Contact number: _______________

Visit us at: _________________ [website address]

If you are not satisfied with the product you can write in to us at: ____________ [email id]

Best before: _________________ [expiry date]

Net weight: ___________

Download Biscuit Label Template in Word Format



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