Chocolate Label Template

June 21, 2011

A chocolate label template is the format in which the wrapper of a chocolate bar needs to be designed. The information mentioned on the chocolate label includes the name and flavor of the chocolate, ingredients and weight of the chocolate bar, price and the manufacturing address.

Sample Chocolate Label Template

_____________________ [brand name of the chocolate or name of the manufacturer]

__________________ [name of the chocolate]

_______________ [flavor of the chocolate]

One _____ [weight of the bar] gram of chocolate bar contains:

___________________                                                           _______________

[Name of the ingredient present]           [Corresponding weight of ingredient present]

Nutritional information:

Protein:                     _______________

Vitamin:                   _______________

Fat:                           ______________

Calories:                   ______________

Carbohydrate:          ______________

[Percentage of each nutrient present in a chocolate bar]

Marketed and distributed by:

____________________ [name of the company]

________________________ [office address of the company]

Contact: ______________________ [phone number of the company]

______________________ [website of the company]

For any complaints mail to: _______________ [email id]

Download Chocolate Label Template in Word Format



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