Cold Drink Label Template

June 21, 2011

Cold drink label template represents the label on the bottle of cold drink which contains all the important details about a particular cold drink. Many a times these labels also displays some promotional offers or gifts that further attract buyers.

Sample Cold Drink Label Template

_________________________________ [name of the cold drink]

Image _________________________________ [logo of the company which has manufactured and marketed the cold drink]

[List of basic ingredients]

Company name ______________ [name of the manufacturing company]

Address ___________________ [address of the manufacturing company]

Address ___________________ [address of the marketing agency]

Packaging date _______________________ [the date on which the cold drink is manufactured]

Expiry date ________________________ [the date after which consuming the cold drink can be harmful]

Net Vol. ______ (in ml)

Price _______

Consumer Helpline __________ [Toll-free number to be contacted for feedback or suggestions]

Email ID _______________________

[Bar Code]

[Details of any promotional offer or gift coupons that can be won should be displayed here].

Download Cold Drink Label Template in Word Format

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