Tenant Lease Template

June 21, 2011

A tenant lease template is a document drafted whenever an individual takes a property or a real estate or any object owned by another individual on rent. The details mentioned in the template are the monthly rent amount and the total lease period along with the details of both the parties.

Sample Tenant Lease Template

This _________ [type of lease] lease is made and entered on __________ [date of registering the lease document] between:

Name: ___________________

Street Address: ___________, City: ___________, State: _____________PIN: _______

Working Phone: ___________

referred to as the landlord


Name: _________

Street Address: ___________, City: ___________, State: _____________PIN: _______

Contact Number: _____________

referred to as the tenant

[Contact details of both the parties who are initiating the lease agreement]

The property is located at:

Street Address: ___________, City: ___________, State: _____________PIN: _______

Terms & conditions:

  1. The monthly rent will be _________________.
  2. The total lease period is for _________________ [number of years].

___________________                                                          ______________________

Signature of the lessor                                                        Signature of the lessee

Download Tenant Lease Template in Word Format

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