Donation Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A donation letter template is a readymade format for writing a donation letter. These types of letters are generally professional in nature and are written to get donation for social cause or an event.  A donation letter template should contain the details regarding the cause or the event.

Sample Donation Letter Template


_________________ [name of the recipient]

_________________ [designation]

_________________ [street address of office]

________________ [city name]

_______________    [state and postal code]

Dear ______________ [name of the recipient with appropriate title before it],

I would like to inform you I am planning to start a school for the education of underprivileged children. For this noble cause there is lot of investment required to provide these children the best facilities.  [The first Para should mention the cause for which you wish to get donation]

So, I would I would to request you to donate a certain amount for this project. Your contribution will bring happiness in the lives of these children. [Request for donation and mention how it can help to the cause]

Thanking you,

________________ [name of the sender]

Download Donation Letter Template in Word Format

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