Holiday Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A holiday letter template is the format in which an individual needs to write a letter to wish someone on a certain festival or declare a holiday on a certain date. This letter can be official as well as personal and is written with the sole purpose of wishing someone to spend the holiday with joy. The letter should include the reason for the holiday and helps you to connect with employees, friends and relatives.

Sample Holiday Letter Template

Dear employees,

I on behalf of the organization would like to wish you all a __________________ [name of the festival]. As we are observing a holiday on that day I would also like to wish you a wonderful time with family and friends at home. [The first Para of the letter should mention the reason for the holiday]

Your hard has taken the company to a respectable position and I hope this holiday acts as a motivational factor to work harder. All the best and have a lovely time. [The second Para should convey good wishes for the holiday]


________________ [name of the sender]

________________ [designation]

Download Holiday Letter Template in Word Format

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