Hardship Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A hardship letter template is the format in which an individual needs to write a letter to a mortgage company or a collection agency explaining the reason as to why he is unable to pay his loan or outstanding installments. This letter template should consist of the detailed description of the reason.

Sample Hardship Letter Template


_______________ [name of the recipient]

_______________ [name of the mortgage company or collection agency]

Respected ____________ [name of the recipient with appropriate title before it],

I would like to apologize as I am unable to pay the installments of my _______ [name of the asset for which loan was taken] for loan number _____________ since last three months.

I would like to inform you about my failing health due to which I am unable to go to work. As I am not earning anything, I am unable to pay my installments.

I request you to give me two more months’ time; I will clear my outstanding dues and also continue paying my monthly loan installments.


____________ [name of the sender]


Download Hardship Letter Template in Word Format

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