Marketing Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A marketing letter template is very important as it presents with a completely ready-made format to help in composing a letter aimed at marketing a certain variety of product or service to the target audience. The marketer, in this case, uses the template as a tool to write the marketing letter without putting much of effort.

Sample Marketing Letter Template:

____________________________    (the registered name of the company)

____________________________   (tagline, image, logo of the company)

____________________________     (name of the product/service)

Date:  ______

Dear customer/s

We are extremely pleased to bring you our brand new __________ (name of the product/service) which would be of great benefit in solving/improving _________ (a few-word gist of the solution).

The _________   (name of the product/service) would cater you the following amenities –

  1. ____________

(Enumerating the solutions that the product/service would be providing)

We are positive on making your smile broader.

Best of Regards

_____________ (signature of the marketing head)

Department of Marketing

______________ (name of the company)

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