Quality Manual Template

June 22, 2011

A quality manual template is layout for the designing of a quality manual. A quality manual is a manual designed for demonstrating the quality control policies of an organization and how it intends to adhere to strict quality control norms in the field. Thus, a quality manual template must be designed keeping in mind the general overview of a company and the quality of products.

Sample Quality Manual Template:

Name: _________________________________________ [Name of the company]

Year of establishment: __________________________________ [Mention the year of establishment of the company]

The quality control system is ________________________________ [Determine the quality control system of the company]

Our purpose in developing the quality manual: _______________________

[Mention the reasons for development of the quality manual including keeping checks on quality, maintaining quality processes, standardization etc.]

Subsections of the quality manual: ___________________________________________________

[Mention the various sections into which the quality manual is divided like processes, checks, quality control etc.]

Quality manual developers: ________________________________________ [Name(s) of the developers of the quality manual and their qualifications, designations and contact number]

Download Quality Manual Template in Word Format

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