Quality Assurance Manual Template

June 22, 2011

A quality assurance manual template is a layout for the proper and correct framing of a quality assurance manual. A quality assurance manual traces the results of constant monitoring of various facets of a company in the hope that standards of quality are being met and adhered to. It ensures the inspection of every aspect of a particular project to ensure quality maintenance.

Sample Quality Assurance Manual Template:

Name: ____________________________________________________ [Name of company]

Year of establishment: _______________________________________ [Provide relevant year]

The principles on which our company ensures quality assurance: ___________________________________

[Mention how the company ensures the standards of quality are adhered to, like following the twin principles of “fit for purpose” and “right first time”]

What we understand by the term “quality”: _________________________________ [Provide an explanation of what the term means to the company as this will determine if its approach to quality assurance is correct]

Our funds for quality assurance: _______________________________________ [Mention relevant amount]

Our current standards: ___________________________________ [Mention the current status of quality assurance in the company as per international standards]

Download Quality Assurance Manual Template in Word Format

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