Recommendation Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A recommendation letter template is very important for writing a recommendation letter for a candidate/employee for a scholarship/promotion/job/position in a reputed organization/institute. The compact form of the template makes it very easy for the recommender to compose a nice letter without much hard work. The template is very useful in organizing the ideas of the letter.

Sample Recommendation Letter Template:

To whom it may concern

_____________   (designation of the person)

____________   (name of the department/section)

____________   (name of the company/institute/organization)

____________   (full address with locality, street, city name and pin code)

Date:   ___________   (date of mailing the letter)


Mr. /Mrs./Miss ____________ (name of the concerned person for whom the recommendation is written) is a person of high caliber in regards to _______________________________________

(Explaining the stream/specialized work in which the person has prowess)

I can fully assure of his/her sincerity and confident that he would be able to fulfill every responsibility with enviable efficiency.

Yours sincerely

_____________   (signature of the recommender)

____________   (designation and the name of the organization/institute)


Download Recommendation Letter Template in Word Format


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