Romantic Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A romantic letter template is, needless to say, very useful to a person who wants to compose a love letter for his/her sweetheart. The readymade format of the template makes it possible to write a romantic letter without putting much of effort and simultaneously expressing the required emotions.

Sample romantic letter template:

My darling __________   (name of the person whom the letter is addressed)

You don’t know how much I love you. If all the flowers of every garden on this earth are brought at one place, the fragrance of my love would surpass its charm. I think about you every moment. You are my inspiration to live. Your presence makes me feel that I am floating in cloud nine. I always want to stay near you, to caress you, to love you more. Do you feel the same for me? I am sure you do. Take care honey and always remember that I love you immensely.

Yours sweetheart

_____________   (name of the sender)

Download Romantic Letter Template in Word Format

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