Solicitation Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A solicitation letter template is very important as it presents a format to the person who aims to write a solicitation letter addressing a certain band of readers in regards to a particular event. The format assists in composing a solicitation letter without wasting too much of time and effort.

Sample solicitation letter template:


__________   (full name of the person representing the authority)

__________   (designation and department, if employee)

__________   (contact address with locality, street, city name and pin code)

_________   (personal contact number – phone/mobile)

Date:  ____________   (date on which the solicitation letter is mailed/issued)

Dear Sir/Madam

We would humbly like to bring your attention to the work we do and our future plans regarding ___________ (the stream or the field).  At this context, we would earnestly request you to benevolently donate as per your convenience at our account no.  ______________ of ________   (bank name and branch) to strengthen the noble cause.

Best of Regards

___________   (signature of the concerned person)

___________   (designation and affiliation)

Download Solicitation Letter Template in Word Format

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