Accounting Manual Template

June 23, 2011

An Accounting manual template outlines the essential points that a company’s account department needs to maintain for carrying out the work process related to every transaction of its business. Thus, these types of templates should be designed comprehensively yet effectively.

Sample Accounting Manual Template

Name of the company _________________________________

Accounting manual for the year _________________________ [year]

Recent company’s status _______________________________ [it should mention about the previous year’s statistics related to company’s profit and loss in the market]

Rules and regulations to be maintained for handling yearly account books __________________________________________________________________________

Frequently asked questions ___________________________________________ [mention the frequently asked questions by the employees working in accounts department]

Guidelines for accounts management _______________________________________

Policies and procedures related to accounts department _________________________

Procedures need to follow for converting single entry system of an account to double entry system ______________________________________

Understanding the basic transaction of the accounts department ______________________ [details about the company’s approximate credit and debit transaction yearly]

Download Accounting Manual Template in Word Format

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