Application Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Application manuals are designed for stating the application procedure of any particular product or equipment. Hence, an application manual template must efficiently outline the essential points of application for user’s benefit.

Sample Application Manual Template

Name of the product/equipment: ______________________________

Introduction ___________________ [this section must give a brief idea about the product/equipment so that the user could get a clear idea about it before reading its application in details]

Index __________________ [mention the various topics of application]

Application of the product or various parts of the equipment_____________________________________________________________________

Flowcharts regarding the application __________________ [pictorial representation or flowcharts give a comprehensive idea to the readers regarding the application of the product/equipment]

Dos and Don’ts _____________________ [mention the points that one should follow and avoid while performing any application]

Frequently asked questions ________________ [mention the frequently asked questions regarding the application]

Other sources _____________ [mention about the other sources through which more idea could be gained on product/equipment’s application]

Download Application Manual Template in Word Format

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