Board Policy Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A board policy manual is a corporation direction manual of organizational procedures and benchmark operating policies. It is like a means of communication from the executives of the firm to the staff and guides the methods of decision-making and rule enforcement. Thus, a board policy manual template must outline all the policies of the company.

Sample Board Policy Manual Template

Name _________________________ [the name of the firm]

Location ______________________ [address of the firm]

Legal owner is __________________ [full name of the owner]

List of all board members with position __________________ [name of all the members]

Our objectives:-

Objective 1 ___________________

Objective 2 _______________________

[Broadens in details the objectives of the board in decision making processes]

Planning guidelines ______________________ [mention the policies followed in planning]

Meeting processes ______________________________ [outlines the meeting processes of the board]

Direction for employees

Employment policy 1 _____________________

Employment policy 2 ________________

[Highlights the rules regarding employment that the board follows]


Finance policy 1 ____________

Finance policy 2 ____________

[Highlights the monetary procedure followed by the board]

Download Board Policy Manual Template in Word Forma

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