Brand Identity Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A brand identity manual template outlines the purpose of creating a standard or strategies for representing a company and its brand. It is vital for firms to make sure that the clients realise the value of the company and consider its worthy consistency in the long run. Thus these types of templates must be framed with proper care and consideration.

Sample Brand Identity Manual Template

Name of the brand ________________ [mention the brand’s name]

Name of the firm ___________________ [firm’s name is to be mentioned]

Location ________________ [address of the firm]

Logo of the brand ______________ [symbol of the brand]

Logo policy

Policy 1 ______________

Policy 2 ____________ [mention policies about correct usage and interpretation of the logo of the brand]

Signage policy __________________________ [mention how the brand will be represented in the stores]

General Guidelines

Guideline 1 _________________

Guideline 2______________

[Guidelines about the proper usage and endorsement of the brand’s identity]

Inappropriate usage of brand identity shall lead to severe consequences.

Download Brand Identity Manual Template in Word Format

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