Business Operations Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A business operations manual provides necessary information regarding the operation of a particular business organization. This is an extremely important document as it analyses the condition of the business and provides a report of it to the employees, thereby ensuring that they form a better and clearer idea of the firm they are working with. Hence, a business operations manual template needs to be designed in such a way so that the employees understand the operation of the business clearly.

Sample Business Operations Manual Template:

Name of the Business house: _____________________________ [mention the name of the firm]

Year of Establishment: ____________ [provide the year when it was established]

Detailed Overviews: [mention in details the reports of the various aspects of the business]

  • System overview                                                                     Page No. _____ to _____
  • Processing overview                                                                Page No. _____ to _____
  • Communications overview                                                      Page No. _____ to _____
  • Site operations overview                                                          Page No. _____ to ______

______________________________ [Business Operational Inventory]

______________________________________________ [Technical terms and their explanation]

Download Business Operations Manual Template in Word Format

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