Electrical O&M Manual Template

June 23, 2011

The electrical O&M manual template outlines the manual, which covers the basic operation and maintenance details of a particular gadget. This helps the users or technician to understand its operation along with its maintenance in case of any damage caused.

Sample Electrical O&M Manual Template

Name of the electronic equipment _________________

Identification number _________________ [identification number is a specific number given by the manufacturer for every gadget inorder to avoid any future discrepancy]

Process of its installation _________________ [mention the process of installing the particular electronic equipment]

Functionality of each part: [Mention each part of the equipment along with its functionality, operation detail and maintenance. Even one can represent this section with pictures, which would help the user to understand it better]

Name the 1st parts of the electronic equipment _________________________

Operation details of the 1st parts _________________________

Maintenance _______________________

Name the 2nd parts of the electronic equipment _________________________

Operation details of the 2nd parts _________________________

Maintenance _______________________


Download Electrical O&M Manual Template in Word Format

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