Laboratory Safety Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Prevention is better than Cure”, they say. A laboratory is such a place where this saying is actually worshiped. Since working in a laboratory involves a huge amount of risks, a laboratory safety manual is prepared which not only outlines the safety measures to be adopted but also provides certain tips to prevent accidents to the maximum possible extent. Thus, a laboratory safety manual template is designed to state the strict rules to be followed while working in a laboratory, in order to prevent any sort of mishaps, and learn techniques to combat them.

Sample Laboratory Safety Manual Template:

Laboratory Name: _____________________________ [mention the name of the laboratory]

Brand Name: ________________________ [mention the name of the brand whose work is being carried out]

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction and possible hazards                                               Page No. _____ to _____
  • Laboratory Safety Procedures                                                     Page No. _____ to _____
  • Biochemical hazard prevention                                                   Page No. _____ to _____
  • Protection against radiation and laser risks                                 Page No. _____ to _____
  • Hazard assessment techniques                                                    Page No. _____ to _____
  • Emergency Safety Measures                                                       Page No. _____ to _____

The above topics need to be illustrated in the following sections.

Download Laboratory Safety Manual Template in Word Format

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