Job Description Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Job description manuals are extremely important documents essential for the smooth functioning of any company. It is so designed to make an employee’s role in the assigned job understandable to him as well as a record of his accountability in the firm. A job description manual template hence outlines the following contents to make the manual even more effective.

Sample Job Description Manual Template:

Job Title: _______________________ [mention the title by which the particular job is recognized].

Based at: _______________ [mention the location wherein the job is being carried out]

Job Purpose: _______________________________ [briefly summarize the purpose of executing the particular job]

Index: [this section should contain description of every minute details of the job and be organized systematically for easy reference]

  • Planning and Organization                                                           Page No. _____ to _____
  • General Administration Support                                                  Page No. _____ to _____
  • Evaluation and Decision-making                                                 Page No. _____ to _____
  • Financial Budgeting                                                                     Page No. _____ to _____
  • Monitoring and Reporting                                                            Page No. _____ to _____
  • Production, maintenance and repair                                             Page No. _____ to _____
  • Quality Control                                                                            Page No. _____ to _____
  • Development techniques                                                              Page No. _____ to _____
  • Safety measures                                                                           Page No. _____ to _____

The following sections would contain a detailed overview of the above topics.

Download Job Description Manual Template in Word Format

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