Maintenance Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A maintenance manual template is the outline of a maintenance manual that contains all the policies and procedures to be followed while doing maintenance work. It may also be for the maintenance purpose of a company, outlining the maintenance guidelines.

Sample Maintenance Manual Template

Name of the firm ___________________________ [mention the full name]

Location ______________________ [mention the address]

Day to day repair guidelines __________________________________

[Mention all the everyday guidelines]

Special alteration policies for the firm ___________________________ [Mention all the special policies for maintenance]

Prevention guidelines:-

Policy 1 ____________

Policy 2 ______________

[Guidelines for preventing any sort of repair requirement]

Labour policy

Labour policy 1 ____________

Labour policy 2 _______________

[Guidelines about the labour employed and their employment details]

Financial guidelines related to maintenance

Policy 1 _______________

Policy 2 ________________

[Guidelines regarding handling maintenance finance]

Frequently asked questions _______________ [mention the general questions asked by the readers frequently for clearing their doubt on the particular maintenance work]

Download Maintenance Manual Template in Word Format

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