Marketing Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A marketing manual template as the name suggests outlines marketing purposes of the company and its merchandise. It has policies and guidelines that the company follows for endorsing itself and its brands.

Sample Marketing Manual Template

Name of the firm __________________ [full name of the company]

Location ________________ [address of the firm]

Guidelines with respect to media:-

Policy 1 _________________

Policy 2 _______________

[Guidelines about TV or newspapers, and their role in marketing]

Guidelines about fundraisers:-

Policy 1 _____________

Policy 2 _________________

[Guidelines about charity events and their role in endorsement of the firm]

FAQ about ongoing marketing

FAQ 1 ______________

FAQ2 _____________

[Important question and answers on the present marketing scenario of the company]

Internet marketing policy:-

Policy 1 ___________

Policy 2 __________

[Mentions the policies about using internet as a marketing tool for the firm]

Names of the marketing committee _________________ [List of all those who are in the advertising section]

Download Marketing Manual Template in Word Format

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