Medical Consent Form Template

June 23, 2011

A Medical consent form template is a document, which acts as an evidence whenever an individual has to undergo any medical treatment. Medical consent is a permission granted by the relative or the doctor of the individual. It is a signed document, which approves a patient to undergo medical supervision.

Sample Medical Consent Form Template:

If there is any emergency, I give the consent to ___________________ [name of the hospital or medical clinic] to take the authority of medical treatment for my wife and child whose details are mentioned below:

___________________________________          _________________________

[Name of the wife]                                                      [Age of the wife]

_______________________________       ____________________________

[Name of the child]                                          [Age of the child]

The name of our family doctor is _____________________ [name of the doctor]

Address: ______________________________ [residential address of the doctor or the address of the medical clinic]

Telephone number: _____________________ [telephone number of the doctor’s residence or his clinic]

My contact details:

___________________ [name]

___________________ [address]

___________________ [telephone number]

Signed by: ________________________ [signature of the individual]

Download Medical Consent Form Template in Word Format

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