Medical Resume Template

June 23, 2011

Whenever an individual is looking for job in a hospital or a medical institution or a medical company, he needs to submit a medical resume. The medical resume will give the recruiter an idea about the objectives, educational qualification and previous employment history of the applicant. Based on these information the applicant may be considered for the job. Therefore, in order to get a job in the medical field, the resume needs to be informative.

Sample Medical Resume Template:

__________________________________                                            ________________________

[Name of the candidate]                                                          [Email id of the candidate]

Educational Qualification:

  • _________________________        ____________________   ______________

[Name of the university or medical            [Name of the course or        [Beginning date of the

College from the degree received]              specialization]                course to the ending date]

Previous employer:

  • ______________               ________________                       _________________


[Name of previous employer or     [Designation or job profile]   [total time period worked with

clinic or hospital]                                                                            the employer]

Contact details:

___________________________ [Address]

__________________________ [Telephone number]

Download Medical Resume Template in Word Format



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