School Lunch Menu Template

June 27, 2011

A school lunch menu template is the format in which the menu for lunch in the cafeteria of a school is designed. The details mentioned in these templates include the name of the school along with the food items and their price.
Sample School Lunch Menu Template
________________ [Logo of the school]
_________________ [name of the school]
Lunch menu for the cafeteria of ________________________ [name of the school]
Lunch timings: ____________ [time from when the cafeteria starts serving the lunch] to _______________ [time from when the cafeteria will stop serving the lunch]
Indian Vegetarian Thali                                                 ___________
(Includes _____________ [name and quantity of food items included])
Indian Non-vegetarian thali                                                   ___________
(Includes _____________ [name and quantity of food items included])
Chinese combo                                                                                                ___________
(Contains either noodles or rice and a chicken preparation of
__________________ [name of the chicken preparation
and kimchi salad])
[Price of the food item]
Lunch will be served till food lasts. Self Service.
Download School Lunch Menu Template in Word Format

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