Valentine Day Food Menu Template

June 27, 2011

A  Valentine day menu template is the format in which a menu is designed by a restaurant on the occasion of Valentine day. The menu should include food items along with details of recipe in a manner so that it sounds romantic. The words used in the menu should create a romantic mood and environment.
Sample Valentine Day Food Menu Template
________________   [Images of heart and roses]
_________________ [logo of the restaurant]
_______________________ [name of the restaurant]
Get mesmerized with our menu and fall in love again with your Valentine, the best way to spend your valentine’s day
Set the mood
[Name of food item]
For the perfect pair
[Name of food item]
Side dishes only for the loved one
[Name of the side dishes]
Love is in the air
[Name of food item]
Sweet desserts for a sweet couple
[Name of the dessert items]

Download Valentine Day Food Menu Template in Word Format

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