Out of Office Reply Template

June 28, 2011

An Out of office reply template represents the format in which the reply to the visitors during the time when an individual is not available in office is given. Such type of template can be used by various people in the office and contains details like the unavailability as well as the reason for the same.

Sample Out of Office Reply Template

To _____________________________ [Name of the recipient]

Subject: Out of Office Reply

Thank you for visiting my office. I am sorry that I am unable to meet you because I am moving out of office for some work.

I will return on _________________ [Date dd/mm/yy] at ____________ [Time hh:mm].

If you need any help before ________________ [Date dd/mm/yy] you can call me at_______________ [Phone No].

For any urgent issues, please contact with _________________ [Name of a person who can help] at ___________________ [e-mail address] or call him at ______________ [Phone No].


______________________________ [Name of the person leaving the message]

______________________________ [Signature]

Download Out of Office Reply Template in Word Format


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