Office Policy Templa

June 28, 2011

An office policy template must highlight the office’s rules and regulations to ensure transparency. It should focus on representing the codes of conduct or decorum that the office staff is expected to follow to avoid unnecessary confrontations. It must be lucid and comprehensive.
Sample Office Policy Template
Name of office: _______________________________________
Date of establishment: _____________ [dd/mm/yy]
[Fill in the relevant details]
Our general rules include:
Rule 1: ___________________________________________________
Rule 2: ___________________________________________________
Rule 3: ___________________________________________________
[Mention some office rules like those relating to dress code or punctuality and reporting time, leave of absence etc.]
The ethical and legal framework by which we operate: __________________________________________________________ [Mention briefly, the office’s policy regarding corruption, bribery and the like, to ensure complete clarity regarding these points]
The steps we take against offenders: ___________________________________________________________ [Mention the punitive system that the office has employed in order to penalize non-conformists]
Our aim in enforcing these strictures: ______________________________________________________ [Explain in a rational manner the need for these policies]

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