Audit Plan Template

June 28, 2011

An audit plan template is the layout for the designing of an audit plan. An audit plan must emphasize on the smooth working of every section of a business of a company’s work. It requires the mobilization of every sector of the business and a clear and comprehensive audit document. Auditing is essentially a checking of all the facets of a business and thus it must be a planned process.

Sample Audit Plan Template:

Name of business: _________________________________ [Mention the name of the business]

Audit plan for: _______________________ [year] [Mention the year for which the audit plan is being designed]

Turnover for last fiscal year: ____________________________ million $ [Mention the appropriate figure]

The various audit universes fixed on: ____________________________ [Mention how the business has been divided into audit units, which will be examined]

Departments requiring special audit attention: ___________________________ [Mention the departments of the business which require special audit assessments]

Core audit team: _____________________ [Enumerate the name(s) of the members of the core audit team]

Download Audit Plan Template in Word Format


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