Travel Plan Template

June 28, 2011

A travel plan template is a layout which acts as a guide for the creation of a travel plan. Travel plans can be created for personal use or by officials in a company. Depending on their nature, they are of various types. However all travel plans must be accurate, well thought out and informative in order to be valuable document.

Sample Travel Plan Template:

Dates of travel: __________________ [dd/mm/yy] to ________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the concerned dates]

Destination(s): ____________________________ [Provide the names of destination(s)]

Flight information:

  • To destination: (a) departure time: _________________ (b) flight number: ____________ (c) arrival time: _________________
  • From destination: (a) departure time: ________________ (b) flight number: __________________ (c) arrival time: ________________ [Provide the relevant flight information]

Daily schedule of activity:

  • Day 1: _________________
  • Day 2: _________________
  • Day 3: _________________ [Mention the approximate plan for each day of travel]

Hotel booking information details: ____________________________ [Enumerate the names, room numbers and duration of stay in the various hotels that have booked as part of travel plan]

Emergency contact number: ___________________ [Provide the relevant contact information]

Download Travel Plan Template in Word Format


Incoming Sample Templates:

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