Event Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

Event presentation template is the process of presenting an event by a person to an audience and providing all the information pertaining to the event. The main highlights along with the date, time, venue and duration must be mentioned in the template for the assistance of the audience.

Sample Event Presentation Template

____________________________ [Name of the event]

______________________ [Name of the firm/company conducting the event]

Name ________________________________ [Name of the person giving the presentation]

Date _dd/mm/yyyy_ [Date of event]

Time ________________ [time of the event]

Venue __________________ [Place where the event will be held]

Duration ____________________ [time limit of the event]

Objective _________________________ [reason why the event is being held]

Highlights [mention the main highlights of the event]

__________________ [highlight 1]

__________________ [highlight 2]

__________________ [highlight 3]

__________________ [highlight 4]

__________________ [highlight 5]

Programs [List of all programs]                      Duration [duration of each program being held]

____________________ [program 1]                                    __________________ [duration1]

____________________ [program 2]                                    __________________ [duration2]

____________________ [program 3]                                    __________________ [duratio3]

____________________ [program 4]                                    __________________ [duration4]

____________________ [program 5]                                    __________________ [duration5]

Download Event Presentation Template in Word Format


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