Poster Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

A poster presentation template is a layout or format of a presentation given in a poster form on a certain topic (scientific or other) by a person. It highlights the main topics of the presentation along with basic methods, results etc.

Sample Poster Presentation Template

__________________________ [Name of the topic of the presentation]

___________________________ [Name of the person giving the presentation]

__________________________ [Name of firm/institute that the person is from]

Abstract __________________________ [Basis of the presentation in brief]

Introduction ________________________ [Introductory part of the presentation]

Method _____________________ [The process involved for the research of the presentation]

Basic facts [Mention the main facts]

___________________ [Basic fact 1]

___________________ [Basic fact 2]

___________________ [Basic fact 3]

___________________ [Basic fact 4]

___________________ [Basic fact 5]

Figure [The Figures used for representation of the facts]

__________________ [Figure 1]

__________________ [Figure 2]

__________________ [Figure 3]

__________________ [Figure 4]

__________________ [Figure 5]

Results __________________ [The end result obtained]

Conclusion _____________________ [The final inference obtained afterwards]

Download Poster Presentation Template in Word Format

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