Construction Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A construction proposal is a document put forward by a construction company in order to secure a contract awarded by a company. A construction proposal template must encompass all the necessary details of the bidding company as well as an outline of their plan of action.
Sample Construction Proposal Template
Name of company ______________________________
Date of establishment ___________________________ [year]
Our outline for successfully completing the construction project __________________________________________________________
[Mention the company’s strategic planning for the completion of the project]
Expected date of first preview: _____________________________ [dd/mm/yy]
Expected completion deadline: _____________________________ [dd/mm/yy]
[Mention the appropriate dates]
Total cost that is expected to be incurred: $____________________ [Fill in the expected cost for the total project. If necessary, show the breakup of the total cost]
The technology we intend to use: ________________________________________________________
[Mention the kinds of technical assistance you will be using in order to fulfill the contract]
Some major project handled by us: ________________________________________________________
[Mention relevant details]
Date: _______________ [dd/mm/yy]
Download Construction Proposal Template in Word Format

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