Bid Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A bid proposal template must incorporate all the necessary financial and business details of the contract to be signed as well as the intentions and benefits of both parties involved to ensure complete transparency and to avoid undue conflict of interest.
Sample Bid Proposal Template
Name of bidding company: ____________________________________
Contact details: _____________________________________________ [Phone, email address, fax]
The outlines of the proposed bid: ___________________________________ [Mention the nature of the contract as well as the date and description of the bid]
Our purpose in participating in this bid: _______________________________ [Mention your firm’s vision in participating in this bid]
Our aims and objectives as a company which are in conjunction with your company’s ethical and corporate standpoint: ______________________________________________ [List the similarities in approach between the two companies in order to facilitate a smoother exchange of ideas]
The estimated financial transactions: ________________________ [Provide a tentative outline of the finances involved]
Our previous experience in handling such contracts: ________________________ [Mention some major business deals of a similar nature]
Download Bid Proposal Template in Word Format

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