Cost Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A cost proposal template is an official document which is drafted by an individual or an organization to provide the breakdown of the cost details of a certain service. The template contains details like cost breakdown under different labor heads and also details of the service provided like the kind of service provided and period of performance.
Sample Cost Proposal Template
__________________________ [title]
Name: ________________ [name of the service provider]
Address: ______________________________________
Telephone number: _______________
Title of work: __________________ [kind of service provided]
The total estimated cost of the project will be ______________ [amount in dollars]. The project will be completed in a time period of ____________ [total number of months]. The cost breakdown of the service is provided below:
Total material cost                                                ____________________
Labor cost on a daily basis                                  ____________________
Fringe benefits                                                      __________________
Travelling expenses                                                __________________
Cost of equipments:
Equipment type                                                   Cost per equipment
___________                                                              _____________
Direct material cost                                                      _____________
Consultancy fees                                                             __________

Download Cost Proposal Template in Word Format

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