PHD Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A PHD proposal template is a proposal to pursue a doctoral program by an individual or a student. The proposal is made to an educational institution. The template includes details like the subject on which the PHD program has to be pursued and the details of the research work to be done and also the personal details of the student.
Sample PHD Proposal Template
Name: __________________ [name of the student]
Program: ___________________ [subject on which the PHD is to be done]
Email: ______________ [email id of the student]
Address: _________________ [street address] _______________ [city name] ________________ [state name] ___________ [postal code]
Phone number: _______________
I would like to put forward this proposal of pursuing PHD in the field of _______________.  My research work includes ______________________________________ [details of research work]. I would like to start the program from ____________ [date in dd/mm/yy format]. I believe this program will help me in achieving my career goals. It would be really great if you allow me this opportunity in your university.

Download PHD Proposal Template in Word Format

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