Request For Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

Request for proposal template is used whenever any proposal request is made and put forwarded for consideration by the client. Such templates are one of the effective tools for requesting any new proposals to anyone.
Sample Request for proposal Template
Name of the client _____________________ [mention the name of the client]
Contact Details ____________________ [Mention the contact details of the client]
Name of the vendor _____________________ [mention the name of the vendor]
Company’s Name _______________________ [Mention the name of the company]
Date __________________ [dd/mm/yy]
[Name of the vendor’s company] understands your requirement and thus making the request for proposal of following services and products:
Product                      Required [yes/no]        Availability [mention the availability of each product]
____ [Product name 1]      _________                ______________
____ [Product name 2]      _________                 ______________
____ [Product name 3]      _________                _______________
____ [Product name 4]       _________                 _______________
If the proposal is accepted then further procedures will be carried out.
Signature of the client _________________
Signature of the Vendor _______________

Download Request For Proposal Template in Word Format

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