Marketing Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A marketing proposal template is a useful tool used by a seller or a service provider before settling terms with any potential client. A marketing proposal template is often considered a key step in complex sales process as it helps the client to understand the service provider’s perspective as far as market analysis and other marketing related strategies are concerned.
Sample Marketing Proposal Template
Document number: ___________________
Date: –/–/—- [ dd/mm/yy]
The Buyer: __________________________
Permanent Address: _______________________
Working Phone: ____________________
The Seller: _______________________
Permanent Address: ______________________
Working Phone: ______________________
[Contact details of both the parties who are involved in the proposal]
Item of sale/buy: _________________ [Name of the merchandise]
Details of proposal:
Overview of the business:
Market Opportunity:
Services and solutions provided:
Marketing strategy:
Details of the products and services:
________________    _______________________________________
Acceptance Signature Block:
Sign of Buyer: ___________________________
Sign of Seller: ____________________________ [Both parties are agreeing the proposal by signing ]
Sign of a witness: _______________________
Download Marketing Proposal Template in Word Format

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