SEO Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A SEO proposal template is a document provided by an organization providing web marketing technique service to a business organization in order to make the business organization’s name come at top in a search engine. The template includes details like the cost of providing the service and the name of the search engines in which the companies name will be listed and the steps taken to achieve that.
Sample SEO Proposal Template
___________________ [name of the company providing SEO service]
In order to stay ahead in business your name should be listed at the top of any search engine. In order to make that possible we propose to provide SEO service to you. The following steps will be taken in order to provide the service under different stages:
Stage 1:
[Processes involved in stage 1]
Stage 2:
[Processes involved in stage 2]
The total cost for the service will be _______________ [cost in dollars]
For further details you can visit our website ___________ [mention the name of the website]

Download SEO Proposal Template in Word Format

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