Lease purchase Template

June 30, 2011

A lease purchase template is an official document that states that a person or an organization have taken a property in lease for a certain period of time. This document also serves as a legal evidence of the contract.

Sample lease purchase template

As per this agreement, the property situated at [Address], known as _____________________________________________ [Some building name], belonging to ______________________________ [Name of the landlord or the association that owns the property] is leased out to ________________________________________________________ [Name of the tenant or the company that takes the property in lease].
The lease period is __________ months starting from –/–/—- [dd / mm / yyyy].
Terms and conditions-
•    The building is handed over with facilities like____________[ mention the facilities offered].The tenant can arrange for other amenities but that should not cause damage to the construction
•    The rent must be paid with [date] of every month.
•    The cost of repairing any damage will be borne solely by the tenant.
Both the parties hereby sign the document:
[Signature of the landlord or the owner
[Signature of the tenant]

Download Lease purchase Template in Word Format

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