Letter of intent to purchase Template

June 30, 2011

A letter of intent to purchase template is an official letter that expresses the interest of a buyer to buy a specific product. These sorts of letters are written in case when a company buys some products in a bulk amount. These also depict the quality, price and other details that the purchasing company expects in the product.

Sample Letter of intent to purchase Template

[Contact person in the seller’s side]
[Address of the selling company]
Dear [Name of the contact person in the seller’s side],
[Name of the purchasing company] wants to buy [product name] from [name of the selling company]. This letter is in connection with our verbal discussion. It also summarizes our expectation from the product.
1.    The product intended to be purchased is [Details of the product].
2.    The total price of the product (including the cost for shipment) should not exceed [Sum of money].
3.    The contract should be done within [Date].
[Other specifications should be mentioned here].
[Signature of the person concerned from the purchaser’s side].
For [Name of the purchasing company].

Download Letter of intent to purchase Template in Word Format

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