Proof Of Purchase Template

June 30, 2011

A proof of purchase is characteristically some part of the package of customer goods, and is made distinct by the product’s producer. Most frequently, the proof of purchase is defined as the UPC symbol on the parcel, but can be various other portions of the package. The proof of purchase template is frequently required for transaction promotions and maker rebates as it is the confirmation that the purchaser purchased the manufactured goods.

Sample Proof Of Purchase Template

Payment details:
Order number _____________ (Code number of order)
Item price ___________ (cost of item bought)
Total cost ____________ (Total cost of all items bought)
Product name _____________ (name of the item)
Version of product _________ (Version number of item)
Product number ______________ (Identification number of product)
Buyer ____________ (name of buyer)
Shipping details _________________ (Information regarding shipping)
Date of purchase ___________ (Date of buying the item)
Method of payment _____________ (Means of paying for the item purchased)

Download Proof Of Purchase Template in Word Format

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