Market Questionnaire Template

June 30, 2011

A market questionnaire template is a readymade questionnaire which is used to collect information on various market related issues and policies. These types of questionnaire templates are used by large number of organisations as well as those people who wish to enter the market.

Sample market Questionnaire Template:

Name of the clients: ______________
Date of birth: ___/ ____/ ___
Sex: ___________________
Date of participation: ___/ ___/ ___   [initial information of the client is needed to complete the questionnaire]
Q1. What kind of relationship you are sharing with our company?
•    Customer
•    Professional clientele
•    Agent
•    Dealer
Q2. How did you find our marketing services in terms of growth?
•    Very impressive
•    Effective
•    Satisfactory
Q3. Are you satisfied with our marketing and advertising material?
•    Yes
•    No
Q4. Do you think the promotional commercials are sufficient to earn the effective leads in the market?
•    Yes
•    No
Q5. Would you like to suggest us any changes for making the marketing strategies more result oriented?

Download Market Questionnaire Template in Word Format

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