Finance Questionnaire Template

June 30, 2011

A finance questionnaire template is executed by the companies for gathering various information related to financial matter. These types of template questionnaires can be used to assess the current financial condition, future financial condition and other aspects of financial market.

Sample Finance Questionnaire Template:

Name of the candidate: ________________

Date of birth: ___/____/ ____

Address: _________________

E-mail id: ________________

Date of filling the questionnaire: ___/ ____/ ___ [the interested candidate will provide the essential basic details]

Please answer the following questions accurately:

Q1. Choose the purpose behind participating in this questionnaire:

* Seeking financial help
* Looking for affordable mortgage rates
* Interested to take some credit for a short duration

Q2. Do you have all the legal identity proofs for applying for any of the above?

* Yes
* No
* Not sure

Q3.Do you have any other mortgage and loan?

* Yes
* No

Q4. Mention the duration for which you are interested to apply for the mortgage?

* More than a year
* More than 3 years
* More than 5 years
* Others: _____________

Q5. Are you seeking for some financial advice before applying for a mortgagee?

* Yes
* No

Download Finance Questionnaire Template in Word Format

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