Building Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

A Building Quotation Template is filled by the representative of a construction company, in order to give an estimate about the costs involved in constructing a building. In this document, the price quote mentioned includes the cost of materials needed in the construction, the labor hired for constructing the building, fees of the contractor etc.

Sample Building Quotation Template

Name of the person _______________________________ (Name of the person to whom the quote is being sent)
Commercial ____/ Residential _____ (Tick against whether the building is a commercial or a residential property)
Date by which the building needs to be completed ____/____/____
Services involved in the process:
1.    _______________________________
(Services that the construction company agrees to provide, which may include plumbing services, electrician services and carpenter services)
Number of laborers _________ (Number of laborers who will be working at the construction site)
Number of supervisors________ (Number of supervisors who will be present at the site)
(Sign here if you agree to accept the quotation)

Download Building Quotation Template in Word Format

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